1. - Men are clueless.
    - Men? Or just Castle?

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“Once you scale those walls, the effort is worth it.”

    “Once you scale those walls, the effort is worth it.”

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  5. “dead bodies, meth heads, mobsters, is that what you meant by a romantic weekend?”

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“None of them were you.”

    “None of them were you.”

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    We hum… we had a reception at our place after my mom’s funeral and it was miserable. I was miserable, and my dad took my hand and he said “Let’s get the hell out of here, Katie”. And we took the Q Train and we went up to Coney Island. We walked up and down that beach, just enjoying ourselves. We were still in our funeral clothes. And the best part was that we made this little guy out of the twigs and twine that washed up on the shore. (…) He’s a reminder. That even on the worst days there’s the possibility for joy.

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